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Moravian Roots Tour

John Hus Memorial Tour

June 29-July 11, 2017

Sponsored by the Center for Moravian Studies of Moravian Theological Seminary

The Center for Moravian Studies of Moravian Theological Seminary is sponsoring its second tour to the Czech Republic and Germany to visit the sites of our earliest Moravian history. We will spend seven days in Prague and four days in Herrnhut with excursions to numerous locations of historic and religious interest.  For any Moravian (or those interested in Moravian history!) this trip will be a pilgrimage.

In Prague we will tour the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, the famous Golden Lane, the Tyn Church, and the Old Town. We will have presentations in both the Bethlehem Chapel where Hus preached on religious reform, and the Church of St. Martin on the Wall where the chalice was first given to the laity. 

There will be a day trip to the town of Tabor where Hus’s followers established a communal village and became fierce warriors for religious reform. We’ll travel to Kunvald where the Unitas Fratrum was born. 

On the way to Germany we’ll see one of the oldest Moravian churches and hike through the Chalice Rocks where the Hussites hid from religious persecution. In Herrnhut we’ll see what the followers of Hus created under the influence of Count Zinzendorf.  A day trip in Germany will include stops in the historically significant Moravian towns of Niesky and Kleinwelka with a visit to the walled city of Bautzen.

This trip is both historical and experiential as we will participate in group worship experiences commemorating many of the sites of religious importance. It is trip that involves walking, often totaling 3-7 miles/day on cobblestone and uneven terrain.  In addition to all of this history and culture, there will be ample opportunity to enjoy the food and culture of Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Moravian Seminary Leaders: 
Prof. Riddick Weber, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry, Moravian historian
Jane Weber, Director of Administration, trip organizer

Czech guides: 
Prof. Petr Balcar, Charles University and Lehigh University faculty, trip coordinator
Irena Balcarova, English Teacher, certified Prague guide