Timeline of Moravian Church History


1414 - Chalice first given to the laity at St. Martin in the Wall church, Prague
1415 - John Hus burned at the stake by Council of Constance; chalice given to laity for first time
1419 - First crusade against Hussites launched. All five defeated by Czech Protestants
1457 - Unity of Brethren formed by Gregory the Patriarch in Kunwald
1467 - Brethren establish separate priesthood and episcopacy from the Roman Catholic Church
1495 - Schism between Minor Party (more strict) and Major Party (more moderate)


1505 - First Brethren’s hymnal
1517 - Luther posts 95 Theses
1535 - Luther publishes Unity’s Confession of Faith
1548 - Bishop Augusta imprisoned for 16 years
1580s - Publication of the Kralitz Bible, the first complete Bible in Czech.


1592 - Comenius born
1609 - Letter of toleration making Unity legal in Bohemia for a brief time
1618 - Defenestration of Prague and election of Frederick the Pfalzgraf as king of Bohemia
1621 - June 21: Day of Blood in Prague when Protestant leaders executed by Habsburg Empire
1623 - Comenius’s Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart
1627 - Unity exiled from Bohemia and Moravia; find refuge in Poland
1648 - Peace of Westphalia signed, but the Unity is left out of agreement
1670 - Comenius dies in exile in Holland


1700 - Zinzendorf born
1722 - Settlement of Herrnhut
1727 - Brotherly Agreement signed
Renewal of church on August 13
1728 - Start of Daily Texts; Single Brothers Choir
1730 - Start of Single Sisters Choir
1732 - Moravian Missions begin on St. Thomas
Beginning of Easter Dawn service
1735 - David Nitschmann consecrated as first bishop of Renewed Moravian church
John Wesley meets Moravians in route to Georgia
1741 - Christ elected as Chief Elder
Bethlehem founded
1747 - Christmas Eve candlelight service began in Germany
1749 - Parliament declares Moravian Church "an ancient Protestant Episcopal church"
1753 - Wachovia in North Carolina purchased from Lord Granville
1760 - Count Zinzendorf and Anna Nitschmann both die
1762 - End of communal economy in Bethlehem, building of single family homes
1766 - Salem begun
1782 - Massacre of Moravians (Native Americans) at Gnadenhutten, Ohio


1818 - General Synod abolishes use of lot in arranging marriages; makes other practices optional
1822 - St. Philips African-American congregation organized in Salem, NC
1838 - Trail of Tears
1850s - End of the communal systems in Bethlehem, Lititz, and Salem
American Provinces independent
1879 - General Synod defines "chief doctrines"
1880s - Growth of Province; 2,500 members; Home Church is called Home Church
1891 - Mission in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) begun


1914-1945 - Wars and Depression impact European Moravians
British and Americans assume more responsibility for world mission.
1947 - Medical clinic opened in Ahuas, Honduras
1957 - Reorganization of the Unity; Ground of the Unity
Star Mountain hospital established in Ramallah for Palestinians
1970s-80s - Moravians in South Africa participate in struggle against apartheid;
Moravians in Nicaragua help negotiate peace agreement to end civil war
1971 - Proposed merger of two American provinces fails to be ratified
1972 - First ordination of a woman since the days of Zinzendorf
1990 - Moravian Gordon Sommers serves as president of the National Council of Churches
1995 - Full Communion agreement with Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
2011 - Full Communion agreement with the Episcopal Church