Moravian & Zinzendorfian Theology

An Ecumenical Theology of the Heart
Available at the Provincial Center of the Moravian Church (1021 Center Street, Bethlehem, Pa., 610-867-0594,

Gemeine: Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf’s Understanding of the Church (1999)[Download PDF]
Reflections on Gemeine, Zinzendorf, and the early church.

Ground of the Unity and Commentary[Download PDF]
Commentary on the Creed of the Moravian Church

Moravian Theology: Faith as Individual and Communal [Download PDF]
Gaining perspective on the theological differences which are a natural part of a living, thinking, journeying, exploring, theologizing Church.

Moravian Theology – Struggle for Truth and Faith[Download PDF]
Personal reflections

Ordinary Comments for Our Time[Download PDF]
What Count Zinzendorf would say to us about Christian unity, prayer, mission, evangelism, etc.

Some Aspects of Moravian Theology
[Download PDF]
Description of Moravian understandings of spirit, church, heart relationship, Sifting Period, etc

To Cover, Uncover, Discover, and Recover Theology (1999)[Download PDF]
Lecture on the church's reactions and insights toward changes in historical and cultural contexts.

Zinzendorf’s Hermeneutics (1962) – [PDF currently unavailable]
Doctoral Dissertation  (in English but quotations in original languages)

Zinzendorf’s Theology I – Evangelism (1995)[Download PDF]
A perspective on Moravian’s identity and approach to theology, as well as Zinzendorf’s understanding of evangelism. Lecture presented in Tanzania.

Zinzendorf’s Theology II – The Bible’s Nature and Authority (1995)
[Download PDF]
Lecture presented in Tanzania.