Formative Spirituality

Wisdom Way Of Knowing Gatherings 

Join us for a time of chanting, meditation, sacred body movement/gesture, teaching in the Wisdom Way of Knowing (as highlighted by Cynthia Bourgeault), Lectio on the Gospel of Thomas, and community building.

Fridays, 3–5:30pm
February 24, March 24, April 28
Bahnson Center, Saal
Instructor: Marcella Kraybill-Greggo
$30 Series
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Yoga for Spirit 

A relaxing morning to ease the body, renew the mind, and open the heart. Explore how gentle postures and breath flow together to support lectio divina, meditation, and deep body rest.

Saturdays, 10am–Noon
February 4
Bahnson Center, Saal
Instructor: Lisa Bryan
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Come discover the creativity and lightness that springs from connecting body, mind & spirit. Interplay provides a safe space to “play” with movement, stories, stillness & song. Laughter is encouraged! Come join us for a Divine play date.

March 11 (10am–Noon), April 8 (10am–3pm)
Bahnson Center, Saal
Instructor: Sarah Carlson
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A Wisdom Jesus Lenten Reflection 

What might it look like to really follow the Wisdom Jesus? When Jesus said: “I am the way,” what was this way? We welcome you to contemplative explorations and conversations about how Jesus taught us the simple movements of “The Wisdom Way.”

Sunday, 1–4pm
March 12
Lenox House, Chalice Rocks
Instructor: Lorraine Pasadino and Kim Denyes
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A Beautiful Mess Paint Workshop 

Loosen the grip of perfection by playing, processing, and celebrating with paints. Hear about a journey toward freedom using art, see a demonstration of working with yupo paper, and embark on an adventure of painting prayers yourself.

Friday, 10am–Noon
March 17
Bahnson Center, Saal
Instructor: Aletheia Schmidt Mellot
$25 Non-student, $15 Student
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Gentle Ashaya Yoga 

Ashaya Yoga is a transformational yoga of body, mind, and heart, not only supporting the deepening of your yoga practice but serving as an evident means of developing the ability to meet life’s challenges off the mat with grace and confidence.

Thursdays, 4–5pm
March 23, March 30, April 6
Bahnson Center, Saal
Instructor: Sylvia Doyle
$40 Series
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