Formative Spirituality


Join us for a time of chanting, meditation, sacred body movement/gesture, teaching the Wisdom Way of Knowing (as highlighted by Cynthia Bourgeault), Lectio on the Gospel of Thomas, and community building. This is a come-when-you-can/no requirements type of gathering, open to anyone interested in this type of wisdom-knowing. MTS alumni are highly encouraged to participate!


Fall Dates Coming Soon


Wisdom School: Spirituality within Diversity 

Spirituality within Diversity offers exposure to a range of diverse expressions of healthy spirituality across diverse populations. Opportunity to engage with urban youth, share in a community meal (soup kitchen), and be immersed in our local urban culture will be a part of this wisdom school.

This program will occur in a Wisdom School Retreat format, so you can expect a balance of prayer/meditation, teaching, sacred movement, and lectio divina.

Summer Session Canceled