Interfaith Dialogue

Christian & Muslims Talking Together

The Christian-Muslim dialogue series is co-sponsored by the Muslim-based Respect Graduate School, Moravian Seminary, and the Lehigh Dialogue Center. The Fall Series opens our 12th year of Inter-Faith Dialogue.

Topic: Understanding Our Scriptures & Ourselves
Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe that their Scriptures are inspired messages from God to humanity. Yet we have sharp disagreements about what is included in the scriptures and how to understand them. How do Tanak, Old-Testament, and Tawrah-Zabur-Ingil describe the “Bible”? What is the Qur’an’s relationship to the Bible and to non-Muslims? Does God “speak” in different voices to different faith communities? Is there a unified message? How might we understand hot-button passages? What may we learn from one another?  

Wednesdays, September 26–October 25, 2018 • 7:15-9:30pm
Respect Graduate School, 2200 Industrial Dr., Bethlehem 18017
Coordinators: Rev. Dr. WALTER WAGNER, adjunct faculty at Respect Graduate School and Moravian Seminary and MUHAMMAD SAID SELMANLAR, President of the Lehigh Dialogue Center
Contact Hours: 10
Suggested Donation: $20

Dialogue Topics

Session 1: Dinner (Halal, Dietary Observant) No presentation. Getting acquainted.
Session 2: From Jewish Understandings
Session 3
: From Christian Understandings
Session 4
: From Muslim Understandings
Session 5
: Open Discussion

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