Psychology & Spirituality Lecture Presented by Elana Katz

Making a Difference in Couples Treatment: The Art and Science of Emotionally Focused Therapy 

Many couples today struggle with high expectations and crushing disappointments in their relationships. Often, their best efforts to develop a successful partnership have long failed them by the time they reach the therapist’s office. It is easy for couples—and therapists—to feel stymied by recurring fights, long silences, and other seeming impassable blockades to connection. Emotionally Focused Therapy offers a pathway to both understand and succeed with couples who are feeling defeated in their relationships.

Thursday, 9:15am–4:45pm
February 16
Prosser Auditorium, Haupert Union Building
Contact Hours: 6
$90 Includes Lunch ($15 additional for LVPCA/APA Con Ed Certificate)
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Weber Lecture Presented by David J. Lose

Ministry in the Age of Digital Pluralism 

Seismic changes in the culture have greatly disrupted congregational life, with lower attendance rates affecting nearly all Christian traditions in North America. By examining shifts in the way we communicate, make meaning, and craft identity, we can not only understand better what is causing these changes, but also address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities this new era offers.

Friday, 9:30am–12:15pm
March 10
Prosser Auditorium, Haupert Union Building
Contact Hours: 2.25
Streaming video will be available.
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