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MACC Professional Day Lectures

Regina Bogle

Empathy and the Compassionate Heart

Presented by: Regina Bogle, MD

Friday, November 10, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Saal, Bahnson Center
Contact Hours: 1.5


Despite all its wonder, sometimes life just hurts. Some of us also feel more than others, even amidst apparently peaceful circumstances. While we often perceive this sensitivity as vulnerability, it provides important information. And when tended by the heart’s compassion, even problematic emotions can be redeemed. Empathy—the capacity to sense the inner state of another—significantly contributes to effective counseling and spiritual direction. But empathy also exposes the sensitive practitioner to pain that may “get stuck.” This presentation will discuss the difference between empathy and compassion, the influence of old wounds and the Empath Contract, and the use of energy medicine tools to restore the flow of feelings to the love of the compassionate heart.


REGINA BOGLE, MD, an adjunct at MTS from ’02-’08, is returning to speak at the 2017 MACC Professional Day. After becoming a medical doctor, Regina continued to explore diverse paths to healing, including Energy Medicine, Reiki, myth and symbol, Celtic and Native American shamanic rituals, and drum groups. Her current interests focus on “deepening our understanding of our emotional, empathic natures and how we can heal our wounded hearts for the betterment of all.” In 2016, she published Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart. 


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