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Rev. Dr. Frank Crouch

How Many Moravians Does It Take to Change a Doctrine?

Presented by: Rev. Dr. Frank Crouch, Dean & Vice-President at Moravian Seminary

Thursday, October 26, 9:30am-Noon
Saal, Bahnson Center
Contact Hours: 2
Streaming video will be available


For more than five centuries, Moravians around the world have made choices about what they believe and how they treat other people. At times, Moravians have been groundbreaking (Hus), innovative (Comenius), and daring (Zinzendorf) as they sought to ground doctrines and practices in scripture. At other times, that search led them astray (using scripture to “justify” slavery). Dr. Crouch takes an historical/biblical look at how Moravians have chosen between ancient ways and new ways, particularly when claiming scripture as their standard. Understanding Moravian choices back then may be instructive for how Moravian (and other faith communities’) choices are being made today. The Rev.


Dr. FRANK L. CROUCH, has been serving at MTS as Vice-President and Dean since 2001, following five years as a full-time faculty member in New Testament. Two research and educational interests include 1) How do we create diverse communities where all are welcome, all are challenged, and all are both teaching and learning; 2) how do we best engage a changing, unpredictable, frequently unjust and violent world with faith, love, hope—and courage?


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