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Rev. Dr. Steve Simmons

Rev. Dr. Steve Simmons

Assistant Professor of Theology

Ph.D., University of Chicago, The Divinity School, 1995
M.Div., San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1977
A.B., University of Chicago, 1972

Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Phone: 610-625- 7868

Steve Simmons has an office so full of books, it may be hard to find him. He is in there, though, and always excited to meet with anyone who crosses his threshold to discuss theology, culture, politics, church, and, of course, books.

Steve is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has served in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural congregations in Oregon, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. He still considers theology to be, above all, in service to the church: “If you can’t say it in garden variety English, you don’t really understand it.” He is actively pursuing interests in biblical interpretation (especially in the emerging discipline of performance criticism), social justice and change, and theology and ethics in relation to emerging technologies and societal trends.

From 2001 to 2014, he was Director of Continuing Education at MTS and plied his love of literature in its Theology, Literature, and Coffee program, leading discussions on such things as The Epic of Gilgamesh, the plays of Aeschylus, The Pickwick Papers, and current works of dystopian fiction. He believes that all serious theology is, at root, both mystical and practical, and that God is always beckoning us toward new horizons of understanding.

When not talking theology, he enjoys singing in choral groups (in public), playing at piano and guitar (definitely not in public), puttering around the kitchen, and hanging out with his two grandchildren.