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General Itinerary   

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Thursday, June 29 – Overnight Flight to Prague

Day 1 – Friday June 30 (Lindner Hotel, Prague)

  • Group transfer from airport to hotel
  • Check into the 4-star Lindner Hotel
  • Group Lunch at Lindner
  • Just walking distance from the hotel, we will tour of the magestic Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, with its renowned stained glass Window of Sts. Cyril and Methodius
    Prague Castle has served as the seat of government since the Middle Ages, it here in 1618 that representatives of the Habsburg government were thrown from the window after refusing to grant religious freedom to Czech protestants, beginning the 30 Years War.
  • Group Dinner

Day 2 – Saturday July 1 (Lindner Hotel, Prague)

  • Group Breakfast at Lindner
  • We will orient ourselves to the time of Jan Hus, beginning in Old Town Square; we will tour one of the oldest universities in Europe, Charles University, where Hus lectured.  We will visit Our Lady Before Tyn Church, where Hus' followers preached after his death and were moved to create the Unity of the Brethren in the 1450s.
  • Group Lunch in Old Town
  • In Bethlehem Chapel we will experience where in 1402 Jan Hus became the chief preacher and preached in the language of the people. Dr. Weber give a presentation about the reforming work of Hus, share hymns written by Hus, and tour the museum on the upper floors devoted to his work.
  • A few blocks from Bethlehem Chapel, we will visit the Church of St. Martin on the Wall, where Hus' student and successor first gave the chalice to the laity in 1414.
  • We will take a short walk to St. Mary of the Snows Church, where early Hussites worshiped fully.  In 1419 the king ordered that priests could no longer serve the chalice in their parishes. We will follow the route that their Hussite preacher led a popular uprising to New Town Hall, where the mob threw elected officials from the windows to their death, thus beginning the Hussite Wars.  
  • Dinner on own

Day 3 – Sunday July 2 (Lindner Hotel, Prague)

Day trip to Husinec (Hus birthplace) and Tabor (Hussite town)

  • Group Breakfast at Lindner
  • We will travel to South Bohemia to the birthplace of Jan Hus, Husinec, and visit his humble quarters where there is a museum dedicated to his reforming work. 
  • When Hus was exiled from Prague in 1412 he returned to South Bohemia and continued preaching with only a linden tree as his pulpit - we will visit one of these sites.
  • Lunch enroute
  • We will travel on to the town of Tabor, which became the principal city of the radical Hussites, among which was Jan Zizka the blind Hussite general.  We will tour the Hussite museum, and the catacombs under town square
  • Group dinner in Tabor

Day 4 – Monday July 3 (Lindner Hotel, Prague)

  • Group Breakfast at Lindner
  • A short walk from our hotel, we will tour the Strahov Monastery, which today serves as a library for rare and old Czech literature, including the oldest manuscript of the Bible in Czech. 
  • We will stroll through Lesser Town, established as a center of commerce in the Middle Ages, as we make our way to the Charles Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Europe where centuries of history have been lived out.
  • Group Lunch Vltava River Cruise
  • Free afternoon
  • Dinner on own

Day 5 – Tuesday July 4  (Lindner Hotel, Prague)

Day trip to Kunvald (site where the Unitas of the Brethren was founded 1457)

  • Group Breakfast at Lindner
  • We will travel through the Czech countryside to the tiny town of Kunvald where the Unitas of the Brethren was founded 1457. We'll visit the Gemeinhaus museum, and take a short walk to the hollow where the Brethren worshiped in secret.  We will visit the centuries old Linden tree planted when the Brethren fled persecution.
  • Group lunch in Kunvald
  • On our return we will stop in Kutná Hora to visit the gothic, St. Barbara Cathedral
  • Dinner on own in Prague

Day 6 – Wednesday July 5  (Komenský Guest House, Herrnhut)

Travel to Herrnhut

  • On our way to Herrnhut, Germany, we will stop in Mladá Boleslav at the SBOR museum to visit the largest sanctuary built by the Unity of the Brethren during the brief time in the early 1600s that the Unity was recognized as a legitimate church
  • Lunch and worship at the Chalice Rocks, in these sandstone rock formations members of the Unity would hide out and worship during times of persecution
  • We stop in Železný Brod at a modern Moravian Church where we will meet the church leaders and learn about their congregational life and mission
  • Late in the afternoon we will arrive at the pastoral town of Herrnhut and check in to our quarters at the Komensky Guest House
  • Group dinner at KGH
  • Dr. Weber will make a presentation on the founding and significance of Zinzendorf/Herrnhut

Day 7 –  Thursday July 6 (Komensky Guest House, Herrnhut)

  • Group Breakfast at KGH
  • We will begin our day with an orienting tour of Herrnhut, including the Herrnhut Church, God’s Acre, Moravian Church headquarters, the Moravian Star Factory, observing the actual production of the stars
  • Lunch at the Moravian Star Factory
  • We will travel one mile to Berthelsdorf to tour the Zinzendorf Manor and visit the Berthelsdorf Church (site of the August 13th renewal experience)
  • For those interested, an optional walk along the 2 mile Sculpture Garden path with its artistic depictions of Zinzendorf, the refugees from Moravia he welcomed, and the religious expression that grow from their faith
  • We will tour the ruins of Großhennersdorf, Zinzendorf’s grandmother's castle, where Zinzendorf grew up
  • Group Dinner at KGH

Day 8 – Friday July 7 (Komensky Guest House, Herrnhut)

  • Group Breakfast at KGH
  • We will travel to the Moravian-founded town, Niesky, where we will visit the Moravian Church (with the largest Moravian star in the world) and walk to the Missionary Preparatory School where the early Moravian missionaries were prepared and sent to all corners of the world
  • Group Lunch in Niesky
  • We travel on to another Moravian town, Kleinwelka, and tour the Sister’s House, Bell Foundry, and school for children of missionaries sent from Niesky
  • We will conclude our day with a walking tour within the walled-city of Bautzen
  • Dinner on your own

Day 9 – Saturday July 8 (Komensky Guest House, Herrnhut)

  • Group Breakfast at KGH
  • Free Time to walk through the pastoral town of Herrnhut
  • Group lunch at KGH
  • We will visit the Ethnographical Museum with its displays of the journeys of the missionaries and clothes and items from these times
  •  At the Moravian Unity Archives  we will see some of the earliest diaries, bibles, daily texts, hymnals, and personal items associated with Zinzendorf and the Moravian Church
  • We will tour God's Acre and hear about the early church leaders who are buried here and conclude with the Moravian Easter Liturgy
  • We will join members of the Herrnhut congregation in a bilingual Singstunde and conclude the day with a BBQ Picnic

Day 10 – Sunday July 9 (Lindner Hotel, Prague)

Return to Prague

  • Group Breakfast at KGH
  • We will join the  Herrnhut congregation in a bilingual worship service
  • Group Lunch at KGH
  • Travel to Prague  
  • Free time to explore your favorite places in Prague
  • Dinner on own

Day 11 – Monday July 10 (Lindner Hotel, Prague)

  • Group breakfast at Lindner hotel
  • We will return to Old Town Square
  • Lunch on own
  • Free time tour options: Jewish Quarter, Mucha Museum, Comenius Museum, Wenceslas Square
  • Closing Dinner at Brevnov Cloister (tour of catacombs)

Day 12 – Tuesday July 11

Return Home

  • Group breakfast at Lindner hotel
  • Depart for airport