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All faiths welcome

That revolutionary idea is at our foundation. Moravian Theological Seminary—a Christian seminary that embraces students of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, or even no faith tradition at all.

Revolutionary leaders

Examine everything

SOMETHING'S ALWAYS COOKING IN THE KITCHEN -- Pizza, coursework, and (more often than not) deep conversation. The kitchen is a spot where our community gathers and shares ideas.

Your past, your perspective, your faith, your passions--yes, your whole being. We believe that wrestling with your whole self is essential to deeper understanding. We'll walk with you on this journey.

Degree & Certificate

A revolutionary vision

"While others may pray that the world stops changing, we're thinking about the future of the church and the world and preparing our students for it."

degree programs
denominations & faith traditions
percent of grads employed or pursuing higher degrees in less than 3 months
plus students enrolled
plus years of spiritual leadership as a seminary
“Choosing Moravian Seminary made sense because of how I saw myself as a person of faith and what I envisioned I needed to do to blend spiritually, psychology, and my hunger to be a significant resource for people searching for answers.”
Bill Arnold '16 MACC

Revolutionary from the start