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Power Point Presentations

Faith, Love, Hope: The Moravian Doctrine of the Essentials, Ministerials & Incidentals (from Northern Province Synod 2014)
Moravian Civic Values
Moravian Pacifism
Moravian Roots of Moravian College
Moravians, Africans, and Native Americans in Old Salem
Moravian Theology 101
Moravian Theology and Iconography
Mother Spirit Lecture 2011
Learning from the Radical Moravian Past 
2013 Western District Conference: Proclaiming the Moravian Story

Comenius for a Complicated World Presentations

Discovering Comenius
One Thing Necessary: Comenius' Spirituality
Teach your Children Well
Way of Peace

Selected Publications & Unpublished Works of Arthur Freeman

Moravian & Zinzendorfian Theology
Illness & Healing
Living Scripture
Spiritual Formation