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Moravian & Zinzendorfian Theology

An Ecumenical Theology of the Heart (1998)
Available at the Provincial Center of the Moravian Church (1021 Center Street, Bethlehem, Pa., 610-867-0594

Gemeine: Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf’s Understanding of the Church (1999)
Reflections on Gemeine, Zinzendorf, and the early church.

Ground of the Unity and Commentary
Commentary on the Creed of the Moravian Church

Moravian Theology: Faith as Individual and Communal
Gaining perspective on the theological differences which are a natural part of a living, thinking, journeying, exploring, theologizing Church.

Moravian Theology: Struggle for Truth and Faith
Personal reflections

Ordinary Comments for Our Time
What Count Zinzendorf would say to us about Christian unity, prayer, mission, evangelism, etc.

Some Aspects of Moravian Theology
Description of Moravian understandings of spirit, church, heart relationship, Sifting Period, etc

To Cover, Uncover, Discover, and Recover Theology (1999)
Lecture on the church's reactions and insights toward changes in historical and cultural contexts.

Zinzendorf’s Hermeneutics (1962) – [PDF currently unavailable]
Doctoral Dissertation (in English but quotations in original languages)

Zinzendorf’s Theology I: Evangelism (1995)
A perspective on Moravian’s identity and approach to theology, as well as Zinzendorf’s understanding of evangelism. Lecture presented in Tanzania.

Zinzendorf’s Theology II: The Bible’s Nature and Authority (1995)
Lecture presented in Tanzania.