Fund a Scholarship

How Do I Create a Scholarship?

You can create a Scholarship Fund as either an endowed scholarship fund or an annual scholarship fund.

  • Endowed Scholarship Fund: $25,000 given over 2-5 years will create a legacy of aiding students forever. And you can name it or add to it at any time.
  • Annual Scholarship Fund: an annual gift of $2,500 or more intended to be spent in its entirety immediately.

Contact the Jill Anderson, Vice President for Development, to establish a new fund.

“If it were not for the financial aid I receive from scholarships, I would not be able to study at Moravian Seminary or live in the apartment that I do here in Bethlehem. I would like to thank each donor who has ever contributed to Moravian Theological Seminary because I know to make a gift to this institution meant someone sacrificing something for my sake. Thank You!”
Gregory Behrend, MDiv student