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Volume 24

Issue 2: Darwin and Divinity
Issue 1: American Moravians in the Vietnam War

Volume 23

Issue 3: How Many Moravians Does It Take to Change a Doctrine?
Issue 2: Why All the Fuss? The Moravian Discussion of Sexuality in Historical Context
Issue 1: The Modern Self in 18th Century Moravian Memoirs 

Volume 22

Issue 2: Embracing Reflexivity Through Spiritually Reflexive Groups in the Training and Support of Clergy
Issue 1: 2015 Moses Lectures: Quest of the Historical Hus & Jan Hus redivivus: How to Be a “Hussite” After 600 Years

Volume 21

Issue 2: Strength from Community: Single Sisters’ Choir Houses in Early Pennsylvania
Issue 1: Unity in Diversity: Challenges to the Worldwide Moravian Unity

Volume 20

Issue 3: Creative Social Ministries in the Church
Issue 2: John Amos Comenius & Interreligious Dialogue
Issue 1: A Celtic Spirituality for the 21st Century?

Volume 19

Special Issue for the Northern Province Synod: Interpreting Scripture in the Moravian Church
Issue 3: 2012 Moses Lectures: How Moravian Are the Moravians? The Paradox of Moravian Identity
Issue 2: Polarization & Progressive Christians
Issue 1: Opening Hearts & Hands to Those in Need: Mental Illness, Stigma & the Church, Winter 2012-2013

Volume 18

Issue 3: Learning from Our Past: Ideas for a 21st-Century Choir System
Issue 2: Instructions for Body and Soul: 18th Century Moravian Care of the Self, Spring 2012
Issue 1: A Model for Church Discernment, Fall 2011

Volume 17

Issue 3: The 2010 Moses Lectures, Spring 2011
Issue 2: The Character of Science: What Does It Tell Us About Faith?, Fall 2010
Issue 1: Beyond Beeswax Candles and Lovefeast Buns, Winter 2010

Volume 16

Issue 3: Restoring Forgiveness in Moravian Life and Worship, Autumn 2009
Issue 2: Moravian Theology Today, Student Reflections, Summer 2009
Issue 1: Religion and Violence, Winter 2009

Volume 15

Issue 3: The Life & Work of Arthur Freeman, Fall 2008
Issue 2: Moravian Theological Education, Spring 2008
Issue 1: Issues of Life and Death, Winter 2008

Volume 14

Issue 3: Toward a Missional Ecclesiology of the MCNP, Fall 2007
Issue 2: “That’ll Preach!” The Plight and Promise of Theology Now, Summer 2007
Issue 1: “Moses Lectures in Moravian Studies” Double Feature, Winter 2007

Volume 13

Issue 3: Moravians and Scripture, Summer 2006
Issue 2: Church Governance: On Bringing Politics (Back) In, Spring 2006
Issue 1: The Joy of Liturgy: Revitalizing Moravian Worship, Winter 2006

Volume 12

Issue 3: Moses Lectures in Moravian Studes, Special Double Feature, Autumn 2005
Issue 2: Different Perspectives on “The Ground of the Unity,” Summer 2005
Issue 1: A Church Ahead of its Time, Spring 2005

Volume 11

Issue 3: 2004 Moses Lectures in Moravian Studies, Fall 2004
Issue 2: Regarding the Interpretation of Resolution 6, Summer 2004
Issue 1: Moses Lectures-The Moravian Church as a Global Community, Spring 2004

Volume 10

Issue 3: The Debate Over the Question “Is Jesus the Only Way to Salvation?,” Winter 2003-2004
Issue 2: Race and Faith in the Moravian Church, Summer 2003
Issue 1: Singing is Believing, Spring 2003

Volume 9

Issue 4: Readiness for Ordination, A Statement by the PECs, Winter 2003
Issue 3: Separation No Myth, Fall 2002
Issue 2: Critical Issues Facing the Moravian Church, Spring 2002
Issue 1: The Good Samaritan as Metaphor for Ministry, Winter 2002

Volume 8

Issue 4: Facing the Death of the Moravian Church with Courage and Vision, Fall 2001
Issue 3: Blood and Righteousness, Blood and Wounds, Summer 2001
Issue 2: Heart and Head Together: Concerning Moravian Essentials, Fall 2000
Issue 1: Our Church’s Urgent Need: Settle the Conflict over Baptism, Spring 2000

Volume 7

Issue 4: Science and Religion: A Synthesis in Progress, Summer 1999
Issue 3: Uncovering Barriers to Growth in the Moravian Church, Spring 1998
Issue 2: Assisted Death and the Situational Method of Decision-Making, Winter 1998
Issue 1: Matters of Life and Death: A Guide to Bioethical Decision-Making, Fall 1997

Volume 6

Issue 4: The Authority of the Pastoral Office, Summer 1997
Issue 3: American Discommunity and Moravian Christianity, Spring 1997
Issue 2: Scriptural Lessons for Economics 101, Winter 1997
Issue 1: Is Jesus the only Savior from Sin and Death?, Summer 1995

Volume 5

Issue 4: The shining face of Moravian worship
Issue 3: Young voices in the church
Issue 2: Polarization and the piety police
Issue 1: Our mission in missions

Volume 4

Issue 4: When no conflict is conflict: Striving for congregational health
Issue 3: Justice that heals
Issue 2: Education and the Moravian Church
Issue 1: Families, values, and the faith journey

Volume 3

Issue 4: Islam and Christianity
Issue 3: Expectations and discipline of the clergy 
Issue 2: Racism in America today
Issue 1: The Moravian Church and political involvement

Volume 2

Issue 4: What does it mean to be an evangelical church?
Issue 3: Our church government: Pitfalls and possibilities
Issue 2: The place and authority of Scripture in the Moravian Church
Issue 1: Peace and war in the Moravian tradition

Volume 1

Issue 4: Toward healing and wholeness: Personal reflections on sexuality and spirituality
Issue 3: Our place in the larger Christian community: Should the Moravian Church survive?
Issue 2: In search of the Moravian theological tradition
Issue 1: Roads to renewal