Master of Arts in Chaplaincy

Are you called to care for others? Our Master of Arts in Chaplaincy program prepares you to work in public service, prisons, health and hospice care, and in educational and corporate settings. The program combines in-depth academic work with practical application to ensure you are ready for the field.
The Master of Arts in Chaplaincy meets the academic and certification requirements established by the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC).  The APC's affiliate, the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc. (BCCI) certifies chaplains according to these standards.

Here’s what it takes

The Moravian MACh degree requires a total of 72 credits of coursework. You can finish in three years of full-time study. But you must finish within six years.

MACh Curriculum Overview

Learning Outcomes

Our program addresses the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Integration of Theory and Practice: Integrate a theology of spiritual care, grounded in biblical, theological and historical scholarship with a theory of pastoral practice grounded in understandings of human and faith development theory and systems theory

  • Professional Practice: Identify and engage diverse and overlapping cultural and social dynamics in various settings.

  • Organizational Leadership: Identify and describe issues of pastoral practice commonly encountered in various types of chaplaincy settings.

  • Professional Identity and Conduct: Describe, practice, and model spiritual and ethical practices and discernment that form and nurture one’s own and others’ faith.

Endorsement Requirement

Depending upon the particular chaplaincy certification that a student seeks, endorsement by a recognized spiritual/faith group may be required. BCCI requires endorsement by a recognized faith group. Receiving such endorsement may require you to complete specific courses that would count as electives.

Intercultural Immersion Experiences

Within the area of Intercultural Engagement & Action, Area Electives will be designed to include intercultural immersion experiences. Depending on the design of the particular Area Elective, experiences could be local or could involve travel in the US or internationally. The courses will also include preparation for the experience, a means of processing the experience as one engages in it, and a means of debriefing after the experience and discerning ways to incorporate the learnings in one’s vocation.

Continuing Education Requirement

Each MACh student is required to participate in at least 4 continuing education programs. You get to choose which ones you attend—and there are lots to choose from.

Adding a Concentration or Graduate Certificate

You can focus your electives on biblical studies, contemplative practices, or spiritual formation and obtain a 7-credit Concentration in Formative Spirituality or dive deeper with a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies, Spiritual Direction, or Formative Spirituality.