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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Many students at Moravian Theological Seminary receive need-based financial assistance each year. In 2020-2021, more than half of our students received scholarships based on financial need. The average scholarship package subsidized more than one-third of the cost of tuition. For some students, it was as high as 75%.

Genesis Scholarship

Go ahead, give it a shot! The Genesis Scholarship pays for two-thirds of the tuition for one approved course for non-degree students who want to test out a master's-level course.  The number of Genesis Scholarships is limited and are awarded on a first-accepted basis.

First-Year Scholarship

We are now offering a First-Year Scholarship. If this is your first time enrolling at Moravian, we will cover 15% of your tuition during your first academic year! It is not dependent on financial need or limited to a specific program. All new matriculated students (in degree and certificate programs) will automatically qualify.

Greyhound Alumni Scholarship

We are expanding our Greyhound Alumni Scholarship. Previously, we offered $500 per semester over four semesters for baccalaureate graduates of Moravian University. Now, we will cover 15% of your tuition if you have completed any degree or certificate program from anywhere within Moravian University: baccalaureate, graduate, or seminary. And what’s more, it will be ongoing! You can apply this scholarship to each semester of your education.

Early Admission Scholarship

We are offering a new Early Admission Scholarship. Submit your application before our Early Admission deadline, and you will qualify for an additional 10% tuition scholarship in your first academic year. This can be in addition to either the First-Year or Greyhound Alumni scholarships; however, it only lasts for one academic year.

MTS Endowed Scholarship Funds

Many alumni and friends of MTS believe so strongly in our unique programs that they have created scholarships to support students for years to come. Each year, many students qualify for financial assistance through these scholarships. Eligibility for receiving grants from these funds is determined based on financial need calculated by the FAFSA.

Other Financial Aid

Federal Stafford Loans and Graduate PLUS Loans are available to qualified students with bachelor's degrees who are taking at least 6 credits per semester and enrolled in a degree program. Other resources are available through Supervised Ministry placements, denominational agencies, outside scholarships, and on-campus and outside employment.


To receive financial aid for the Fall 2022 semester, new students must apply by July 31, 2022. Applications for assistance received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed an award. But don’t wait if you don’t have to. The earlier you apply for financial aid, the more scholarships are available.

The Office of Enrollment works in conjunction with the Moravian University Financial Aid Office to process financial aid for seminary students. For more information about financial aid, contact Rev. Dr. Diane Bogues in the Office of Enrollment (, 610-861-1519).