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Student Elders Council

The Student Elders Council (SEC), a peer-elected group of students, makes sure the MTS community is connected and has a voice with the administration and trustees. In addition to addressing student concerns and promoting ideas for improvement, the SEC keeps the kitchen well stocked with healthy snacks (very important), plans special meals (Thankmas!), develops local outreach projects, and makes sure no one is buried under a pile of books in the student lounge for too long.

SEC_17.jpgYour 2017 Student Elders Council 

Christy Potter Kass - President
Alyssa Nelson - Vice President, Steward
Elizabeth Hayworth - Secretary
James Heroux - Treasure
Colleen Smith- Alumni Rep., Steward
Dewey Mullis - Student Trustee Rep, Comm.
Andy Romeo
Becky Sausse

L-R Becky Sausser, Colleen Smith, Alyssa Nelson, Andy Romeo, James Heroux, Christy Potter Kass, Dewey Mullis, missing Elizabeth Hayworth