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Distance Learning

Beginning fall 2021, all of the Seminary's credit-bearing courses are available via distance learning. Some will be "hybrid" classes in which a portion of students attend on campus while the rest participate via videoconference. Other courses may be “synchronous” online in which everyone engages together via videoconference. A course may also be “asynchronous” online, where there is no set class time and coursework is completed independently according to established deadlines. So students are aware and can plan accordingly, posted course schedules will indicate the learning modality employed by each course.

Because Moravian Seminary has made an ongoing commitment to online learning availability, students at a distance may plan to complete all academic coursework online. Certain program expectations, such as those related to new student orientation, retreats, and field education experiences (supervised ministry, clinical pastoral education, etc.) may still require in-person completion at a site appropriate to the setting.