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Mission Statement

The Center for Moravian Studies promotes the study of the history, theology, and mission of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) by serving as a nexus for Moravian scholarship that links scholars, research institutions, and resources.

Attention is given to the entire historical tradition of the Moravian Church as well as to issues relating to contemporary concerns of the Moravians in North America and worldwide. The CMS pursues these goals by:

  • working in collaboration with Reeves Library, Moravian archives, and Moravian historical societies and museums in the United States
  • maintaining a website that provides a variety of resources on Moravian scholarship for researchers and the public
  • sponsoring the annual Moses Lectures in Moravian theology
  • publishing The Hinge: International Theological Dialog for the Moravian Church
  • assisting those doing research on the Moravian Church