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What You Need to Know

The 21-credit Spiritual Direction Program is anchored in scripture, grounded in hospitality, incarnational in nature, and deeply formational. The program invites you to go deeper into the life of the Spirit while preparing to facilitate this same attention to God in others. Attending to the your personal and a communal experience of God, you will develop an increased sensitivity to the movement of the Holy within yourself and your local and global communities.

Spiritual Direction Program Curriculum Overview

Personal Spirituality

“Spiritual direction encourages an honest look at what grace illumines. It affirms that God is in our lives and hearts and can be encountered” (Susan Phillips). 

Individual spiritual direction supports the on-going spiritual and psychological growth that is needed to become a spiritual director. As a student in the Spiritual Direction Graduate Certificate, you are required to receive monthly individual spiritual direction. (If you do not already have a spiritual director, we can give you contact information for several local spiritual directors. The fee for spiritual direction is contracted privately between the student and their spiritual director and is the responsibility of the student.) 

Prerequisites for the Practicum Courses

Throughout the program, you will engage with the Formative Spirituality co-directors in a process of careful, mutual discernment to uncover your call and aptitude for the ministry of spiritual direction. Following are the prerequisites to the practicum courses:

  • Clear background checks

  • Understanding and signed acceptance of the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Code of Ethics
  • Letter of reference from current spiritual director
  • Satisfactory completion of Theory & Ethics of Spiritual Direction and 1 core course
  • Interview with Formative Spirituality Co-directors
  • Evidence of call and aptitude for the ministry of spiritual direction