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Tuition & Fees

Tuition 2024-25

Doctor of Ministry: $700/credit hour
Master's Programs: $740/credit hour

Tuition 2023-24

Credit/hour: $740/credit hour
Thesis Extension: $740/semester
Audit Fee: $100/course

Fees 2024-25

Audit Fee: $100/course
Independent Study Administrative Fee: $325
Enrollment Fee (applied toward tuition and nonrefundable): $200
Graduation Fee: $100
Intensive Room Fee (6 nights each intensive): $220
Key Replacement (each): $50
Late Payment Fee: $100
Major Doctor Project Consultation Fee (1-time fee): $215
Major Doctor Project Supervisor Fee: $540
Master of Arts Project Fee: $200
PAM or Crossroads Class: $325
Payment Plan Fee (per semester): $35
Returned Check Fee: $35
Student Activity Fee (per semester): $40
Technology Fee (per semester): $175
Transcript Fee: $10
Travel Course Administrative Fee: $90