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Previous Lecturers & Topics

2020 – Dr. Jon Sensbach, "When the Moravians Returned to Georgia: A Forgotten Mission During the American Revolution​​​​​​"
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2018 – R Dr. Winelle Kirton-Roberts, "They Brought Their God: How Christian Missions Shaped ​​​​​​"
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2017 – Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch, “How Many Moravians Does It Take to Change a Doctrine?” 
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2016 – Kate Carté Engel, “Reconsidering Bethlehem & the Violence of the American Revolution” 
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2015 – Thomas Fudge, “Quest of the Historical Hus” and “Jan Hus redivivus: How to be a “Hussite” after 600 Years” 
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2014 – Jørgen Bøytler, “Unity in Diversity: Challenges to the Worldwide Moravian Unity”
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2013 – Livingstone Thompson, “Comenius & Interreligious Dialogue”
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2012 – Peter Vogt, “How Moravian are the Moravians? The Paradox of Moravian Identity”
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2011 – Katherine Faull, "Instructions for Body & Soul: Moravian Pastoral Care in the 18th Century" 
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2010 – Craig Atwood, "Bequest of the Unity: Lessons from the Old Moravian Brethren" 

2008 – Paul Peucker, "Beyond Beeswax Candles & Lovefeast Buns: The Role of History in Finding a Moravian Identity" 

2007 – Rev. Vernon Nelson, "Lindsey House in Chelsea: The World Headquarters of the Moravian Church, 1752-55" 

2006 – Alice Caldwell, "Moravian Music on a Mission" 

2005 – Albert Frank, "Writing a Companion to the Moravian Book of Worship" 

2004 – Craig Atwood, "Faith, Hope and Love: The Moravian Theological Heritage" 

2003 – Hans-Beat Motel, "The Moravian Church as a Global Community: Dreams at the Beginning, Challenges Today, Dreams for the Future" 

2002 – Nola Reed Knouse, "Singing is Believing: Music at the Heart of Moravian Faith and Life" 

2001 – Truman Dunn, "Put Thy House in Order: Moravian Church and God's New Thing" 

2000 – Madeleine Forell Marshall, "Zinzendorf: Hymnwriter and Poet" 

1999 – David A. Schattschneider, "The Roots of the Contemporary Moravian Church in North America" 

1998 – Colin Podmore, "The Moravians and the Evangelical Revival in England" 

1997 – C. Daniel Crews, "Luke of Prague: Theologian of the Unity" 

1996 – Beverly Smaby, "Female Piety Among the Moravian Single Sisters" 

1995 – George W. Forell, "The Development of Count Zinzendorf ‘s Theology and its Meaning in a Pluralistic World"