Moses Lectures

The Moses Lectures were established in 1995 to honor the memory of the late Bishop Walter Vivian Moses (1879-1975) who became the first dean of Moravian Theological Seminary after the seminary became an institution separate from Moravian College in 1930.

Dr. Moses taught Latin, Old Testament History, Archaeology, Pastoral Theology, and Comparative Religion at Moravian College and Theological Seminary from 1910-1946. He also served as a pastor in Ohio and was the founding pastor of Schoenbrunn Moravian Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio. 

After his retirement in St. Augustine, Florida, Bishop Moses took an active role in promoting civil rights in his community. For several years the lectures were given three times in different locations. Since 2001 the annual lectures have been published in The Hinge and since 2011 they have been made available on-line.

In Memory of Bishop Moses

Click here to view remarks by Rev. Stanley Bullock on the Inauguration of the Moses Lectures, 1995.

The 2023 Moses Lecture

The 2023 Walter Vivian Moses Lecture was held on Thursday, August 17, 2023. Christina Petterson, PhD, of Christiansfeld, Denmark, presented, "Changes in Bethlehem, Changes in Unity: Inner and Outer Aspects of Moravian Organisation."