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Vol. 8, Issue 1: Our Church's Urgent Need: Settle the Conflict over Baptism

Choir System

Vol. 18, Issue 3: Learning from Our Past: Ideas for a 21st Century Choir System

Church Renewal

Vol. 1, Issue 1: Renewal of the Moravian Church
Vol. 7, Issue 3: Uncovering Barriers to Growth in the Moravian Church
Vol. 20, Issue 3: Creative Social Ministries in the Church

Church Unity

Vol. 19, Issue 2: Polarization & Progressive Christians
Vol. 6, Issue 3: American Discommunity and Moravian Christianity7
Vol. 5, Issue 5: Polarization & Piety

Conflict Management

Vol. 18, Issue 1: A Model for Church Discernment
Vol. 4, Issue 4: Congregational Healthy

Critical Issues

Vol. 23, Issue 3: How Many Moravians Does It Take to Change a Doctrine?
Vol. 9, Issue 2: Critical Issues Facing the Moravian Church (Diversity, Generation Why, Ground of Unity, Moravian Identity, Present Time, Vision Discernment in the Southern Province, Why They Hate Us)

Death Penalty

Vol. 15, Issue 1: Issues of Life and Death


Vol. 6, Issue 2: Scriptural Lessons for Economics 101


Vol. 4, Issue 2: Education and Clergy


Vol. 7, Issue 2: Assisted Death and the Situational Method of Decision-Making
Vol. 7, Issue 1: Matters of Life and Death: A Guide to Bioethical Decision-Making

Family and Home

Vol. 4, Issue 1: Family, Values, and Faith


Vol. 16, Issue 3: Restoring Forgiveness in Moravian Life and Worship

Future of the Church

Vol. 1, Issue 3: Moravian Church Survival
Vol. 2, Issue 4: Evangelical Church
Vol. 8, Issue 4: Facing the Death of the Moravian Church with Courage and Vision
Vol. 11, Issue 1: The Moravian Church as a Global Community (Moses Lectures)


Vol. 1, Issue 4: Sexuality
Vol. 2, Issue 3: Church Government


Vol. 23, Issue 2: Why All the Fuss? The Moravian Discussion of Sexuality in Historical Context 
Vol. 11, Issue 2: Regarding the Interpretation of Resolution 6


Vol. 3, Issue 4: Islam & Christianity

Jesus Only Way

Vol. 10, Issue 3The Debate Over the Question "Is Jesus the Only Way to Salvation?
Vol. 6, Issue 1: Is Jesus the only Savior from Sin and Death?

Mental Health

Vol. 23, Issue 1: The Modern Self in 18th Century Moravian Memoirs 
Vol. 19, Issue 1: Opening Hearts & Hands to Those in Need: Mental Illness, Stigma and the Church


Vol. 5, Issue 1: Strategy Group Reports


Vol. 14, Issue 3: Toward a Missional Ecclesiology of the MCNP

Moravian History

Vol. 23, Issue 2: Why All the Fuss? The Moravian Discussion of Sexuality in Historical Context  
Vol. 23, Issue 1: The Modern Self in 18th Century Moravian Memoirs 
Vol. 18, Issue 2: Instructions for Body and Soul: 18th Century Moravian Care of the Self (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 17, Issue 3: Heretics, Pacifists & Teachers: What We Can Learn from the Original Moravian Church (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 17, Issue 1: Beyond Beeswax Candles and Lovefeast Buns
Vol. 14, Issue 1: Roots of the Contemporary Moravian Church (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 12, Issue 3: Luke of Prague (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 12, Issue 1: A Church Ahead of its Time
Vol. 22, Issue 1: Quest of the Historical Hus & Jan Hus redivivus: How to Be a “Hussite” After 600 Years (Moses Lectures)

Moravian Theology

Vol. 23, Issue 3: How Many Moravians Does It Take to Change a Doctrine?
Vol. 19, Issue 3: How Moravian Are the Moravians? The Paradox of Moravian Identity (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 12, Issue 2: Different Perspectives on "The Ground of the Unity"
Vol. 11, Issue 3: Faith, Love, Hope: What We Can Learn from the Ancient Unity (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 8, Issue 3: Blood and Righteousness, Blood and Wounds
Vol. 8, Issue 2: Heart and Head Together: Concerning Moravian Essentials
Vol. 1, Issue 2: Moravian Theology


Vol. 14, Issue 1: Moravian Music on a Mission, Double Feature (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 12, Issue 3: Writing a Moravian Hymnal Companion (Moses Lectures)
Vol. 10, Issue 1: Singing is Believing


Vol. 9, Issue 4: Readiness for Ordination, A Statement by the PECs

Pastoral Theology

Vol. 22, Issue 2: Embracing Reflexivity Through Spiritually Reflexive Groups in the Training and Support of Clergy
Vol. 15, Issue 2: Moravian Theological Education (Pastor as Translator, Rachel's Story, Theological Integration)
Vol. 9, Issue 1: The Good Samaritan as Metaphor for Ministry
Vol. 6, Issue 4: The Authority of the Pastoral Office
Vol. 3, Issue 3: Expectations of Clergy

Political Involvement

Vol. 24, Issue 1: American Moravians in the Vietnam War
Vol. 9, Issue 3: Separation No Myth
Vol. 3, Issue 1: Political Involvement


Vol. 10, Issue 2: Race and Faith in the Moravian Church
Vol. 3, Issue 2: Racism

Religion and Violence

Vol. 16, Issue 1: Religion and Violence
Vol. 2, Issue 1: Peace and War

Science and Religion

Vol. 17, Issue 2: The Character of Science: What Does It Tell Us About Faith?
Vol. 7, Issue 4: Science and Religion: A Synthesis in Progress


Vol. 13, Issue 3: Moravians and Scripture
Vol. 13, Issue 2: Church Governance: On Bringing Politics (Back) In
Vol. 2, Issue 2: Authority of Scripture


Vol. 15, Issue 3: The Life & Work of Arthur Freeman
Vol. 14, Issue 2: "That'll Preach!" The Plight and Promise of Theology Now


Vol. 13, Issue 1: The Joy of Liturgy: Revitalizing Moravian Worship
Vol. 5, Issue 4: Shining Face of Worship

Youth Perspectives

Vol. 16, Issue 2: Moravian Theology Today, Student Reflections
Vol. 5, Issue 3: Young Voices