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Living Scripture

An Approach to the Revelation of John (1991)
Collection of materials

The Authority of Scripture: Living with a Living God and Tradition (1990)

Biblical Preaching Resources: Christ, Scripture, Cross

Christology and the Historical Jesus (1964, with revisions)
Christology from Greek and Hebraic thought to the early church and Christian writers. 

Developments in New Testament Study (1994)

The Gospels: Where His-Story Becomes Our Story (2003)
Sermon examining the importance of the Gospels and Jesus’ life

Life Provisions of the Christian Message and Understanding Grasping the Full Contribution of God and Our Faith
The Bible and the understandings of life which come from it, from living with it, and from God’s on-going disclosures

Making Ethical Decisions and Determining Values Within the Variety of New Testament Perspectives

The Nature of Scripture

The Psychological: One Perspective on New Testament Literature (1995)=
A guide to understanding the psychological dimension of biblical text through the author’s eyes. Lecture presented in Tanzania.

Psychological Perspectives in New Testament Literature (1994)
This 171-page book has been divided into six sections for faster downloading and viewing. Click on a section to download a PDF.

Section I

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: The Four Worlds of the Perspn
  • Chapter II: The New Testament as Resource for the Understanding of Human Nature, Life, Process

Section II

  • Chapter III: Seeking a Biblical Model for Women's Issues in Pastoral Counseling
  • Chapter IV: Anthropology of the Early Church and its World
  • Chapter V: The Model of Psychoanalysis and Freud
  • Chapter VI: The Model of Carl Jung — Supporting an Introvert Perspective

Section III

  • Chapter VII: The Model of Adrian Van Kaam — Supporting an Extravert Perspective
  • Chapter VIII: Contemplative Psychologies
  • Chapter IX: Two Biblical Models — Matthew and Paul

Section IV

  • Chapter X: Hypnotism, Suggestion and Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Chapter XI: Type and Faith Development

Section V

  • Chapter XII: Christology and Anthropology in Mark
  • Chapter XIII: The Gospel of John: History, Creation, and Anthropology
  • Chapter XIV: Discernment

Section VI

  • Chapter XV: Pastoral Care and the Early Church
  • Chapter XVI: Overcoming Dualism Through Healing
  • Chapter XVII: Jung's Approach to the Bible, Answer to Job
  • Conclusion

Questions of Inclusion in the New Testament: Opposition to Racism
Includes suggestions for further study

Reading the Bible (book, 1997)
This 59-page collection has been divided into three sections for faster downloading and viewing. Click on a section to download the PDF.

Section I 

  • Table of Contents
  • Overview
  • Gaining Perspective on the Bible
  • Methods of Reading

Section II 

  • Reading a Gospel

Section III 

  • Resources for Reading the Bible

Rethinking Some Things (2007)
Personal reflections and examination of a variety of theological issues, including Doing Theology, the Image in the Mirror, Hermeneutical Questions, etc.

Rethinking Some Things II
Personal reflections and examination of a variety of theological issues, including a Model of Human Existence, Nature of Scripture, Jesus and Our Future, etc.

Sessions on The Spirituality of the Gospel of John (2005)
Materials from a course introducing an understanding of the spiritual life expressed in the Gospel of John.

The Theology of Two Friends: Paul and Luke (1993)
Materials presenting theologies of two friends from different backgrounds, representing the nature of Christianity.