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Dr. Jill Peters


Crossroads, Missional Leadership Developer

DMin, Biblical Theological Seminary, 2013
MA, Philadelphia Biblical University, 2007
MATS, Moravian Theological Seminary, 2007
BA, Kutztown University, 1975

Phone: 610-861-1616

Jill has a passion for collecting sea shells, especially murex shells—she has them from at least five continents, all different, all beautiful.  She loves the uniqueness and specialness of each one. That's also been her experience working with the participants in Crossroads. After graduating from Moravian Theological Seminary in 2007, the seminary asked her to gather information on what was needed in Continuing Education. Almost everyone interviewed reported the need for quality lay leadership training.

After designing the program consisting of 16 courses, Crossroads was launched in 2009 and since then over 250 people have participated in this supportive learning community. As director of the program, Jill helps lay people discover their individual sense of call, and the Crossroads courses provide the training needed for them to follow their path.  Crossroads is described as “the intersection of your life and God’s mission” and the call that Crossroads participants follow is as unique as shells on the beach, varying in size and form.

Some Crossroads participants are now following different paths in their lives much like Jill’s own experience.  Before coming to Moravian Theological Seminary, Jill was the Founder and Owner Microstar Technology Corporation in the field of microelectronics.  She continues to have some involvement in that business today but is thankful that others are responsible for the daily running of it.

In addition to directing and teaching in the Crossroads program, Jill develops and provides workshops, retreats, and consulting services to churches near and far. She specializes in board retreats, helping congregations develop outreach programs in their community and in general challenging the practices of the church today.  In her spare time (she must have a special allotment of more than 24 hours in a day), she spends time with husband, children, and nine grandchildren—and collecting shells!