MAFM Spiritual Direction Track: Here’s What it Takes    

For all three tracks, the Moravian MAFM degree requires a total of 48 credits of coursework. You can finish in two years of full-time study. But you must finish within six years..

MAFM Spiritual Direction Curriculum Overview

Learning Outcomes

Our MAFM Spiritual Direction track addresses the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire, develop, and apply knowledge of and experience with sacred scriptures, theology, spirituality, and diversity in ministries of service and support. 
  • Recognize and articulate the scriptural, psychological and theological dynamics that undergird a contemplative life stance
  • Engage Diverse voices and develop capacities to welcome differing experiences of the Divine
    Recognize and engage personal and communal spiritual experiences that form one's own relationship with the Divine, with self, and with others.
  • Develop the skill set to work with the movement of the Divine in one's self and others.
  • Identify and demonstrate the relationship among spiritual practices, ethical behavior and healthy ministry

Personal Spirituality

“Spiritual direction encourages an honest look at what grace illumines. It affirms that God is in our lives and hearts and can be encountered” (Susan Phillips). 

Individual spiritual direction supports the on-going spiritual and psychological growth that is needed to become a spiritual director. As a student in the Spiritual Direction Graduate Certificate, you are required to receive monthly individual spiritual direction. (If you do not already have a spiritual director, we can give you contact information for several local spiritual directors. The fee for spiritual direction is contracted privately between the student and their spiritual director and is the responsibility of the student.) 

Prerequisites for the Practicum Courses

Throughout the program, you will engage with the Formative Spirituality co-directors in a process of careful, mutual discernment to uncover your call and aptitude for the ministry of spiritual direction. Following are the prerequisites to the practicum courses:

  • Clear background checks

  • Understanding and signed acceptance of the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Code of Ethics
  • Letter of reference from your current spiritual director
  • Satisfactory completion of Theory & Ethics of Spiritual Direction and 1 core course
  • Interview with Formative Spirituality Co-directors
  • Evidence of call and aptitude for the ministry of spiritual direction
  • At least 1-year experience of receiving monthly spiritual direction

Wisdom School Retreats  

In year 2 of the program,* the curriculum includes two 3-day retreat learning Wisdom School residencies (Fall and Spring) in addition to five required courses. Both Wisdom School residencies will be held at St Francis Center for Renewal in Bethlehem, PA. These Wisdom School retreats integrate Moravian’s unique charism of inclusivity and community within a deep contemplative stream and the pedagogy of a Wisdom School.  The two retreat residencies will be conducted in a Wisdom School format, with times of Centering Prayer and Body Movement interspersed with teaching and practice work, creating a Benedictine Rhythm of “ora et labora,” prayer and work. There is an additional fee charged to cover the retreat center accommodations.

*In year two of the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program, students in the 1-year Spiritual Direction Intensive Program join with the students in the 2-year program.

Intercultural Immersion Experiences

As an MAFM student, you are required to take a three-credit cultural immersion course. Cultural immersion experiences could be local or could involve travel in the US or internationally. These courses include preparation, processing the experience as you engage in it, debriefing, and discerning ways to incorporate the learnings in your vocation.

Continuing Education Requirement

Each MAFM student is required to participate in at least 4 continuing education programs. You get to choose which ones you attend—and there are lots to choose from.