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Marcella Kraybill-Greggo, MSW, LSW, AOJN

Program Director, Spirituality Programs
Adjunct Professor

M.S.W., Marywood University, 2001

B.A., Messiah College, 1990

Certificate in Spiritual Direction, 1999

Certificate as a Director of the Ignation Spiritual Exercises, 2014

InterPlay - Body Wisdom Facilitator, 2016

Associate in the Order of Julian of Norwich, 2022

Curriculum Vitae

Marcella joined Moravian Theological Seminary in 2005 as an adjunct professor in the counseling program. She also became the clinical director of the Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling, helping shepherd students into and through their practicum and internship placement sites. She has since become first the co-director of the Formative Spirituality Graduate Certificate Program (2009) and co-director of the Spiritual Direction Graduate Certificate Program (2012), and, most recently, has become director of both of these graduate certificate programs (2021). With adjunct professor Pam Rotelle Robertson, Marcella produces a spiritual direction podcast on Podbean, "Find Your Center, Find Your Feet."

Marcella also has a passion for spiritual practice. In 2013, Marcella began receiving trainings in Wisdom by Cynthia Bourgeault, an Episcopal priest and retreat leader, incorporating Wisdom Way of Knowing practices into Spiritual Direction program courses.

Marcella helps students cultivate a willingness to dig into the meaning of life, listen for and understand God’s voice, and welcome an openness to what is revealed through the participatory nature of her classes. She creates a brave and sacred space in each class that invites deep sharing and reflection.

Before coming to Moravian Theological Seminary, Marcella served Valley Youth House as a training supervisor and as a Child Welfare Program supervisor. She officially began her social work journey in California as the in-house head counselor of a residential house and the Children’s Program Director at a women’s shelter, though it is possible that it started long before, as a child of medical workers in Tanzania, Africa.

When she is not doing something related to Moravian Theological Seminary, she has her own private practice offering Individual Spiritual Direction, Group Spiritual Companioning for the Moravian Northern Province, serving on a leadership team for MEWO (Mercy World Organization supporting orphans in Tanzania), and leading Wisdom Practice Circles for the international and local Wisdom Community.